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Learn all about the SOUL brand (SOULfusion, BARREfusion, SOULstrength)
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  • Learn all about the SOUL brand (SOULfusion, BARREfusion, SOULstrength)
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"Why I've been an instructor since 2014. When my old format ended I literally cried and was depressed. When Michele told us she was creating something new, it helped not to fall deep into a fitness depression!!  These workouts are like nothing else out there!!!! I will always be certified in whatever Michele Park offers. She is blessed with creativity and the ability to put music and moves together beautifully to make the magic happen on the mat."

Dana A.

"So excited to complete my training. I will need to practice a lot, of course, before offering the class. So great to reunite with Michele Park.

I have taken her advanced training for musicality, cueing, etc in the past. Not sure why it took me so long to get on the Soul Fusion bus, but grad school and some tragedies were factors."

Susan R.


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